This is the Class D section of our facility.  This is the Class D front office area.  The class D program is open to inmates whose classification is a lesser security risk.  There are county, state, and federal inmates in this program.  Depending on the classification of the inmate they could be chosen to work in the jail, go out on the road crews, or hold local jobs.  
This hall will lead you to the Class D main control 
The cells in this section are called Dorms, which are directly in front of the Class D main control room. There are four dorms in Class D which can hold up to 36 inmates in each.  The dorms are equipt with bathrooms and laundry rooms.  All are inspected every shift for safety reasons.  The upstairs dorms are called C and D dorm.
The dorms down stairs are called E and F dorm.  Cells are cleaned by their residents every day and inspected by jail staff to insure cleanlyness.  Inmates on this side of the facility are allowed to come out of there dorms to go to the outside area or multipurpose room during the day.  At 11:00pm they are to remain on their bunks unless going to the restroom.
(Multipurpose room)                                ( Class D Visitation)
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