This hall will lead you to G and H dorm.
This hall can be locked off from A side, B side and Booking by shutting a  sliding door.
This is the G-dorm pod area.  Female inmates are housed in this part of the jail.  Inmates are not allowed to step into the red area for safety and security reasons.  There are five cells located in G-dorm.  The more secured cell in G-dorm has three inner cells which are locked down at 11:00pm.  This cell can hold up to six inmates.  The other cells hold anywhere from 10 to 16.  The most secured cell has three small observation cells that stay locked at all times.
G-Dorm also has a Law Library.  This room is also used for church, AA or other groups that are approved to visit.
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The laundry room is located on the G - Dorm hall.  The female inmate trustees are allowed to work in the laundry room.
There is also a dentist office located on the G dorm hall for inhouse dental visits.
Warren County Regional Jail
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