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Home Incarceration
 The Home Incarceration Program ran by the Warren County Jail starts with the court ordering someone to Home Incarceration (H/I) instead of jail. The person must come to the jail's Class D Front Office through door 101, Monday thru Friday from 8am to 4pm and ask for the (H/I) Home Incarceration department. You must bring your court order with you before an appointment is scheduled. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY - WE DO NOT CALL YOU!

  When arriving for your scheduled appointment, you must have all services removed from your phone except basic service and long distance service (no call waiting, three way, etc.) You will then be drug tested and must pass to be placed on (H/I). If you pass and your phone is in order, you will be fitted with a battery operated (frequency transmitter) attached to your ankle. A monitoring device is placed in your home which is plugged into a telephone outlet. The transmitter provides the monitoring device with information of the defendant's location.

  You will be given a schedule allowing you to go to work, school, church, AA, etc, but you must provide documentation verifying the times. Failure to leave or return home on time will result in a violation. The (H/I) deputy will attempt to locate and determine why you are not compliant. Violations may result in immediate arrest and serving out your sentence in jail. Alcohol and/or drug use is prohibited while on (H/I) and the defendant is subject to testing at any time. The defendant is responsible for the cost of (H/I).
For Further Information Contact:
Chief Deputy Brian McPherson
(270) 843-4606 ext#  132 or 126